0059 = Free dancing

A storytelling dance

ציור אופטימי

0013=Optimistic vision

A woman who feels and sees everything in an optimistic and optimistic way

מרלין מונרו ודמיות נוספות

0007 = Marilyn Monroe and other characters

Pop art in a variety of characters in a narrow and long format

Suitable for a living room with a large and wide wall

הרהורים לאחר ההופעה

0014 = After the show

Reflections after the show

לא סופרת אף אחד

0003 = No one counts

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.


0005 = waiting to be revealed



The muppets always make me smile

פינה בשכונה

0008=The neighborhood corner


0010 Mystery

הבוהמה הפריזאית

0061=everyone is smart everyone

Salon meetings of a philosopher, poet, painter of Parisian bohemia


0025 = The scattered professor

פיתוי התפוח

0024 = Temptation apple


0023 = Mystery

ההצגה משכ

0051 = Show is off

The screen went up on the theater
The show continues

ההצגה חייבתלהמשך

0062 = The show must go on

No need for words

לקרוא ודמיין

0012 =read and imagine

השאיפה לגבוה

0023=Aspiration height A

החיים הם כמו סרט

0072 =Life is a Movie

שחרור האישה

0033 = Liberation of the woman

The women are bound by a pagan religion that does not give them a divorce like a man

The battered women should hide from the man,

Instead of the man being in a place where he will undergo re-education and will not be able to reach his battered wife

דוהרים העירה

0063 = galloping into town

אילו הפרחים יכלו לדבר,,

0071 = flowers could talk

So I gave them a text

האהבה תיד מנצחת

0065= Love will always win

Love – that’s the whole story

אילו הפרחים יכלו לדבר,,,

0016 = If flowers could talk ,,,,

Wow, what secrets we would find out

מבט אחד שווה,,,

0069=One look is worth ,,,,

Pop art painting, expressive through the look, it’s all in painting

0064 = Mess in America

פופ ארט , גרפיטי

0046=The enemy of our lives is,, the clock

The enemy of our lives is,, the clock
Our lives are driven by time – and time is our great enemy,

המופע חייב להמשך

0053 = The show should continue

Cultural performances must not be stopped
Need to keep going and keep enjoying

לאישה יש אנרגיות בלתי נדלות

0063 = Feminine energy

אין לו אלוהים

0050 = pees on everyone

Street painting I painted actual situation

הזעקה,הצעקה,די שמן,

0066 = cry

Time to shout ,,,,, quite

0054 city thirsty for culture

0055= city thirsty for culture


0047 = Demonstrations

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.

הכל עובר בכביסה

0056 = Everything goes through the laundry

A paraphrase of our lives

סינמה, קולנוע


Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, Hitchcock, the icons of cinema

I wanted to give expression to this art by creating a collage from some of these important characters

פןפ ארט,גרפיטי,בן רוטמן

0055 = New York

משטרה אטומה

0048 = Opaque police

No need for words

די לגזענות

0024=Enough Racism

When I see racism, especially in the US but,
here in Israel as well
I am ashamed and angry.

הסימפוניה הבלתי גמורה על הקורונה.

0040=The unfinished music on the Corona

The unfinished symphony on the Corona.
I felt like in Schubert’s concerto when he wrote the unfinished symphony
The corona is also unfinished

001The race to nowhere

0017 = The race to nowhere

The mad rush to get, take money, money ,,,
Eventually getting nowhere !!

פופ ארט,כרפיטי, אורבני, אישה,עירום,קולאז',מוסיקה

0021= Shakes the city

גרפיטי, פופ ארט, ציורי רחוב, קורונה


The Corona Reminder in Pop Art Painting

אין לנו שירותי חניה

0058= The Orginal

אוירה ארטיסטית, פופ ארט, גרפיטי

0011 = Theatrical atmosphere

Life is theater, and we are the actors

ציור לסלון, גרפיטי, פופ ארט

0060=Life is Beautiful

I mix so many pictures and ideas in my head,
So I group them together and create pop art combining
drawing and oil painting and text that expresses the thoughts

גרפיטי ,פופ ארט, ציורי שמן

0020=Words words like blooming balloons

Some people talk and talk like balloons

גרפיטי , פופ ארט, דמויות, אנשים

0053 = The show must go on

ג'נטלמנים בקברט

0044=Gentlemen in cabaret

I was in Paris at the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition and inspired by the atmosphere and style,
the result being “Cabaret and Gentlemen” in oil painting

pop art, style graffiti


0013 = Urban Story

A dramatic story in urbanization that includes a collage, and a mix of all the city elements


0137 = Life form

פרטי התקשרות

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