Ben Rotman – Painter

You can order an oil painting on canvas customized to your home or office space

When I visited Ben Rothman’s special studio in Tel Aviv, I was first exposed to his breakthrough in the field of art: he is an
extraordinary artist with a unique style. “He has a symbiosis between the figurative and the stylish and the abstract.
Says curator and art critic Mark Scheps.

And the result: when you approach, you see line lines in strong brush strokes but not clear and when you move away the object becomes clearer and clearer.
The figurative images hidden in the works reflect a world full of contrasts, dreams and fantasies, sensual and rhythmic. In the work there is a central axis of vitality and frenzy that are never static and are seen in infinite movement.

The paintings are made of contour and layers of oil colors, dramatic and quick layers, layers and everything is as if accidental, but the group creates a perfect and unique texture and a new reality that expresses the inner voice of Ben Rotman.

The element of dynamism and rapid brush strokes, the constant movement, the colorful richness, the game between the hidden and the open, combining a sensual dance of dynamism, movement and bold colors.

Ben Rotman was born and lives and paints in Tel Aviv, energetic and hyperactive, who as a child found a lot of peace and comfort in the company of his friends, animals, nature and musical instruments in which he played in the fields. Afterward, he studied art in Switzerland while serving on behalf of the state.

Ben Rotman presents exhibitions in Israel and abroad and his works have been exhibited and exhibited in New York, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Austria, Biennale in Florence, Bari, Frankfurt, England and more

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