Oil paintings by subject

Oil paintings have always been considered the highest quality and most sought after paintings. The range of colors, nuances and subtleties that the oil allows me to display in oil paintings is almost limitless and allows me to realize the visual vision in a greater valley.

Are there oil paintings for sale in different sizes?

All of the oil paintings for sale come in custom sizes, which are just right for your individual needs. This way you can be sure that you are purchasing paintings that will fit your living environment, wall size and space type. That way, you can choose any of the oil paintings that are for sale on Shelley’s website and get it in length and width that is especially suited to your needs.

Feel free to come to the studio located in south Tel Aviv and get a closer look at the oil paintings for sale – please coordinate any visit directly with Ben.

Size: The size can be determined by the customer in order and at no extra cost !!

When you send a photo of the wall you will receive a simulation at no extra cost !!

פרטי התקשרות

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