Nudes Painting

Eroticism has occupied many artists since the days of antiquity. There are dozens of well-known artists known for specializing in erotic art, from the Renaissance period, up to the present day. Among the famous painters who employed erotic motifs in their paintings were Goya and Rubens, who painted fully nude women, Gauguin, who painted both fully and partially nude women, and many other prominent names from the art world.
Today, one can still find galleries of photographs and paintings that celebrate the nude human body – women and men, as well as opposite-sex and same-sex couples, with nudity that can be full or partial, frontal or implied.

Ben Rotman is an artist influenced by many people of various types and characters, whom he has met at different times during his life, and he is concerned with the intermingling of characters in urban life. Rotman actually feels naked and exposed in the bustling, packed, inviting city, with all its give and take, and these infinite stimuli have generated endless inspiration for him.
Rotman’s work ranges across times, places, and borders, and in his art he presents various experiences and stages in his life, which are brought to the canvas in a whirlwind of powerful emotions.
In his paintings, Rotman uses elements of light, dynamism, movement, and the unique shapes of brushstrokes on the canvas, which create the sense of a world filled with constant, dynamic motion.
The figurative images in his paintings reflect a world full of contrasts, a world that is highly sensual and musical. In his nudes, you can find a common thread of sensuality, emotional turmoil, and inner conflict.

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