ציור אופטימי

0013=Optimistic vision

A woman who feels and sees everything in an optimistic and optimistic way

ציור מיוחד לסלון

0003=You don’t see reality

Sometimes we hide behind reality

ציור פופ ארט לסלון

0080=The Muses

פופ ארט לסלון


פופ ארט , גרפיטי

0046=The enemy of our lives is,, the clock

The original painting in oil colors is in the studio for sale size: 110×105 cm + certificate of originality and it is unique and has no copy

פופ ארט לתליה בבית ובמשרד

0043 Spoken letters are an art

חבובות לציור שתלוי בחדר ילדים

0009 The Muppets’ Joy

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.


0025 = The scattered professor

ציור לסלון, גרפיטי, פופ ארט

0060=Life is Beautiful

I mix so many pictures and ideas in my head,
So I group them together and create pop art combining
drawing and oil painting and text that expresses the thoughts

סינמה, קולנוע


Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, Hitchcock, the icons of cinema

I wanted to give expression to this art by creating a collage from some of these important characters
For immediate sale in oil colors on fine canvas size: 90X 120

כולם רצו נשיקה ממרלין מונרו

0049 = The kiss

Everyone wanted a kiss from Marilyn Monroe, who got it?

ציור פופ ארט לתלייה בבית

0055 = Broadway

Broadway atmosphere with its bookmark and components

חגיגה,מרלין מונרו

0007= Merlin celebrates

Marilyn Monroe celebrates with all the celebrities

פןפ ארט,גרפיטי,בן רוטמן

0055 = New York


0010 = Mystery

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.

אהבה ממבט ראשון

0075 = naive

פופ ארט

0062 las vegas

אתה חי רק פעם אחת

0027=you only live once

Have fun, enjoy, live
Because you only have a one-way ticket

ג'וקר, ליצן,פופ ארט

0014 After the show

ואן גוך מנגם בסקסופון?

0075=Van Gogh playing the saxophone?

Can Van Gogh play the saxophone? For me it can be

אם אתה יכול לחלום את זה אתה יכול לעשות את זה

0075=the impostor


0005=Makes music

The painting for immediate purchase in oil colors on fine canvas size: 100X75

לא סופרת אף אחד

0003 = No one counts

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.


0009 = Muppets

The muppets always make me smile

פינה בשכונה

0008=The neighborhood corner


0010 Mystery

ציורי מוסיקה לתלייה בסלון

0059=Plays all instruments

Loves urbanity and plays and creates non-stop
The painting for immediate purchase in oil colors on fine canvas size:125X95

פיתוי התפוח

0024 = Temptation apple

ההצגה משכ

0051 = Show is off

The screen went up on the theater
The show continues

הבוהמה הפריזאית

0061=everyone is smart everyone

Salon meetings of a philosopher, poet, painter of Parisian bohemia
The painting for immediate purchase in oil colors on fine canvas size:140X100

ההצגה חייבתלהמשך

0062 = The show must go on

No need for words

לקרוא ודמיין

0012 =read and imagine

החיים הם כמו סרט

0072 =Life is a Movie

דוהרים העירה

0063 = galloping into town

מבט אחד שווה,,,

0069=One look is worth ,,,,

Pop art painting, expressive through the look, it’s all in painting

המופע חייב להמשך

0053 = The show should continue

Cultural performances must not be stopped
Need to keep going and keep enjoying

אין לו אלוהים

0050 = pees on everyone

Street painting I painted actual situation

0054 city thirsty for culture

0055= Broadway

The painting for immediate purchase in oil colors on fine canvas size: 115X100

די לגזענות

0024=Enough Racism

When I see racism, especially in the US but,
here in Israel as well
I am ashamed and angry.

לאישה יש אנרגיות בלתי נדלות

0063 = Feminine energy

הסימפוניה הבלתי גמורה על הקורונה.

0040=The unfinished music on the Corona

The unfinished symphony on the Corona.
I felt like in Schubert’s concerto when he wrote the unfinished symphony
The corona is also unfinished

001The race to nowhere

0017 = The race to nowhere

The mad rush to get, take money, money ,,,
Eventually getting nowhere !!

כל ממזר מלך

0018 = Every bastard is a king

Just like in the show
The painting for immediate purchase in oil colors on fine canvas size: 110X90
“Every bastard is a king” and the main thing is that he smiles

גרפיטי ,פופ ארט, ציורי שמן

0020=Words words like blooming balloons

Some people talk and talk like balloons

גרפיטי , פופ ארט, דמויות, אנשים

0053 = The show must go on

הכל עובר בכביסה

0056 = Everything goes through the laundry

A paraphrase of our lives

אין לנו שירותי חניה

0058= The Orginal


0013 = Urban Story

A dramatic story in urbanization that includes a collage, and a mix of all the city elements


0137 = Life form

פרטי התקשרות

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