Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings let artists display their imaginative powers. Within this artistic genre, an artist does not attempt to describe a concrete, everyday reality, but instead creates new realities with his brush. Abstract paintings do not try to depict people, objects, or landscapes, but rather translate the artist’s intangible emotions, so that abstract description can turn to thoughts and feelings, leaving space for viewers to make their own interpretations. The paintings provide an intuitive experience that adds emotion and color to any space.
Abstract paintings add a modern, original ambiance to a room. Looking at an abstract painting, we get the feeling that we have never seen anything like it before. These paintings differ from realist or impressionist works in that they require the viewer to interpret and contemplate the artwork, while also reflecting on the painter’s intentions.
The term composition is very significant when we analyze abstract paintings. Composition refers to the way in which various elements and objects are arranged in the painting.

The composition on the canvas has considerable importance, since it influences the way in which we can understand what is painted on the canvas and attempt to identify the motives of the artist.
We can refer to each of the elements that compose the painting, starting with the colors, each of which has a different meaning in the painting, and ending with the objects. Often these objects are not comprised of any single element, and require substantial thought in order to deduce the artist’s intentions.
Abstract paintings are a challenging, avant-garde experience, especially for those interested in modern, abstract art.
Ben Rotman attempts to convey dense slices of life in his abstract paintings, enfolding memories, situations, and life’s milestones within them. All these are presented through a powerful color palette. In his paintings, the artist collects apparently random objects and characters, placing them within a unique fabric that shapes a new reality, expressing his inner voice and provoking a response in the observer that ranges between reality and fantasy, realism and abstraction.