I travel in many countries,
And everywhere I came I looked for an original and unusual painting
And I did not.
And finally at my house I found a painting and an extraordinary man !!
Ben Rotman, an original painter with energies and a different style from Tel Aviv.
I was glad to meet you son.
We continue with wonderful friendship
Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz

My wife and I were looking for a picture for a new apartment. In a random, long and tiring wander, our eyes caught a picture that brought us to the website of the painter Ben Rothman. Rothman, a talented painter, met us at a studio in south Tel Aviv, not before asking for photos of the location and an understanding of the character of the apartment. We were already waiting for recommendations in the studio that match the nature of the apartment. After choosing the size of the image according to our desire, Ben drew the next image. thank you dear man.

Erez Dushinsky

We thank Ben Rothman, a talented painter who knows exactly how to adapt the paintings to both the environment and the understanding of the people,
After much deliberation, and tests of different painters, we found the right person!!!
Penny and Allie Beaton
thank you Ben
Penny and Allie Beaton

Penny and Allie Beaton

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I fell in love through Google with Ben Rotman’s paintings.
Ben paints with energy in daring, exposed and direct emotions and rich in expression.
I was very impressed with the way he actually captures the moment and conveys his unique vibe!
We ordered a painting in the sizes we chose and Ben matched it exactly to our choice.
Thanks Ben?

דבורי ויוסי

Improve our luck in the midst of a search for the same piece in the puzzle that turns a home into a house, and we met the painter Ben Rotman – a poetic soul, a spring that springs from creativity,

A hand that fulfills dreams. Like in a garden of forked paths, a joint journey that began with the amazing painting “The Cello Storm”, twisted,

Staggered and became as diverse as we delved into the studio and the conversation, and ended with a spark of excitement in our eyes,

As well as in Ben’s eyes. Beyond the level of interpretation that is reinterpreted with the work with which we began the journey,

A directional call to an unknown space was suddenly given. And so a new work by Ben called “Smile” was born.

And now, we have the honor and pleasure of bringing home two wonderful works by Ben.

There is a painter of dreams
That their eyes are closed
He knows how to draw
Everyone has a different dream.
(Painter of Dreams / Leah Naor)

Gadi and Michal

Gadi & Michal

I was very happy to meet you after I was exposed on Facebook to your lovely paintings.

I bought and hung in my house 6 of them, in which I fell in love at first sight.

They add so much color, light and beauty to a home.

Thank you for all this beauty.


Dalia and Uriel har-even

Hi Ben,

A few words about our painting:

After much deliberation, we chose the painting “Concert in Nature”.

We connected to the optimism and joy of life he radiates.

Ben showed patience and professionalism and helped us adapt the painting to our requirements, both in terms of proportions and colors.

Thank you for an original painting that expresses joy, dance and melody.

chava & zur

Dear son

What fun to wake up in the morning and look at the masterpiece you drew.

So many colors, styles, imaginations and surprises that are revealed to us every day anew.

Glad we won your piece that will accompany us for many years to come.

Do not know people who would have managed to draw a large painting of 2 by 3 meters thoroughly, professionally and produce such a wonderful work of art

Keep sharing your talent more and more

thank you

korov family

Ben Rothman Dear Man
Choosing the amazing paintings was a fascinating and not easy process for me, due to the limitations of home dimensions and other constraints. Some pictures had to be selected, but how could all of the impressive treasure and rare beauty “fish” the most suitable? Every choice means giving up something else.
At the end of the deliberations, four paintings were selected that speak to me daily from the walls. I am not an art woman, beyond the artistic face of works, which is praised and admired by viewers, is my experience: enjoying the aesthetic sense, empowerment that images radiate, find deep meaning in what they transmit, and to my understanding, every folding painting within it, wraps the story of your life Consisting of different sections on the sequence of life.
The décor on the walls of the house commemorates experiences that convey sensitivity, heartbreak sadness that is curable, hopefully interwoven, expressing optimism and inner light. The paintings inspire me with animals, accompanied by a sense of power and capable of faith in the goodness of the images.
Beyond the above, it is pleasant to warm the heart to remember the artist – a person behind the work.
I will not forget how you showed patience to me as a person and a “not easy” customer: you managed to contain my “madness” and even agreed to re-paint. You have real listening ability. It was fascinating to discover the “story behind the painting” you told in the studio.
I met a person, salt of the earth, enlightening, “manch”, decent, honest and kind.

With gratitude and thanks
  Gilat (and Danny joins)

Gilat and Danny Schhik

As an old bicycle rider, I fell in love with a vivid painting and the “Tour de France.”
The painting reflects my love for riding and every morning when I look at it I discover other details I have not seen.
Thank you to Ben Rotman for his talent and color
Which he put into our house.
Ussie & Ichin Ravid
Tel Aviv


A tribute to Ben, his talent, his sensitive soul, the realization of a work of strong vitality, of an artistic expression of rare quality. The notes of the piano vibrate, the dancers hover, the solid legs point to the ground and the lightness of the movement draws the viewer beyond the boundaries: to fly to love to dream


After many searches to find precise works of art for our home we visited Ben Rothman’s impressive studio.

We were privileged to meet a rare man and an artist with a supreme kindness, a professional, patient at unimaginable levels.
Ben is able to convey every possible feeling through his perfect paintings !! , Including a sense of melody emanating from the wonderful work “Collage the Orchestra”.

Dear Ben, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the two amazing works that bring light, joy and hope to our home

Together with you ride “On the way to victory”

with love
Yossi and Osnat Shargal
Tel Aviv

Osnat and Yossi Shargal

It is difficult to express in words how well the painting succeeds
in expressing animals and movement that simply slip out of the canvas and warm the heart and soul.
The frame bursts open and the horses gallop with joy and joy.
  At last we found the addition we had so sought for our silent walls.
  An ingenious game of shape and color, thank you dear man.
Elad and Naama – Holon

Elad and Naama

“We moved to a new apartment because we have two young, dynamic sons
I looked for a colorful, abstract picture.
Then I saw Ben Rothman’s picture “A city of many shades – New York” and fell in love.
It is a picture of depth and sophistication.
We bought 2 pictures that brought color, and great joy to the house.
  I got a magical salon just like I imagined.
Ben, it was a privilege to know you as a person and your paintings.
The Appelbaum Family

Appelbaum Family

My wife and I moved to our new home about two years ago and were captivated by the charms of Ben Rotman’s paintings. My wife tastes more abstract while I look for paintings depicting landscapes or figures. In Ben’s paintings we found the amazing compromise that allows us to look at the painting in both ways. Add to this their impressive range of colors and charming combination and get original and mesmerizing work.
Now we have at home 8 paintings by Ben Rothman. The last one we purchased is placed over the piano I have had since childhood and was recently renovated. It is called “Smell the Music” and is a great addition to the piano.

Israela and Moshik Kubersky

Israela and Moshik Kubersky

I wanted to thank you for your beautiful work that makes us happy and adds much wealth to the apartment
The dynamism and colors of my heart and … it was love at first sight
And on second and third look I discover more and more surprising layers in the painting
Keep up with our creativity – our whole pleasure
And … take care of yourself

I enclose two pictures of your choice

Happy Shavuot

Miriam and Matti Lutherstein

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Miriam and Matti Lutherstein

Our story with Ben Rothman’s works is a love story at first sight.
I remember the first time I saw the painting “Childhood on Tel Aviv Beach”. I could not stop looking at it, a mesmerizing piece of art. A combination of such a realistic sea view, and two girls, perhaps sisters, holding hands, and their backs turned to us. Only them and the sea. Painting with so much emotion, warmth and beauty. Perhaps the fact that we were the parents of four girls, and perhaps that was the charm of Mr. Rothman, but at that moment I decided that I had to buy the painting. After a quick search I came to Ben Rotman’s site, and was impressed by the great talent of the artist’s many works. I wish we could buy them all. I found the picture quite quickly, and even created a simulation of the picture in our house (a very nice tool on the site for illustration and determination of proportion). After that, I contacted Mr. Rothman by telephone and discovered an amazing person, as his works are amazing. A man with such a special life story, carrying with him quite a few weights. I immediately connected to him, and to the story of his life which is undoubtedly expressed in his works as well. Mr. Rotman has helped us adapt the work to the home space optimally.
A few weeks later, Mr. Rothman invited me to the studio to deliver the picture, and again I was exposed to the amazing variety of works and the rare talent of Mr. Rothman, and no less than Mr. Rothman.
The picture was of course perfect, and my wife and daughters immediately fell in love with her, as did anyone who was exposed to her in our living room.
Thank you Mr. Dear Rotman, hope you will know only days of health and happiness.
I’m sure we will meet again in the future, and we will be able to purchase additional wonderful works with your magic touches.

Nati – Gedera

We arrived at Ben’s studio on Friday morning to buy a painting. After a few pleasant and interesting hours, we realized how difficult it is to choose one painting out of the abundance offered. Ben’s paintings are colorful, lively and instinctive. We left the studio with 4 beautiful paintings so that we could hang each other at a time and decide which one suited us and our house. The painting we chose at Frishman Cafe is full of presence, lively and radiating joy. Great purchase.

Orly and Ilan
Tel Aviv

Orly and Ilan

After searching many galleries and websites we found
The artist we most connected to.
Beyond the beautiful, colorful and vibrant paintings we discovered
A lovely personality.
Ben asked us to send a photograph and measurements of the living room and the cells
The size and color of the picture perfectly and professionally.
After a month we returned to buy another picture, and then Ben sat down
And helped us choose the perfect picture
Thank you very much Ben
Rachel and Ronen, Modi’in

Rachel and Ronen

To be excited each time by a new discovery of colors, shapes and shades, and what is between them.

Your reference to Ben, was fair and professional and we only had to say thank you.

Dikla and Gai – Tel Aviv

The painting “Market in Acre” illuminates the living room and turns it over

Bread and inviting. The eye descends deep into the alleyways of the market and is not full.

There is no doubt that thanks to the counseling and simulations we received from you, he let us understand what

You as a painter imagined !!! Your help and patience, Ben, brought us to a painting that suited us

And now we can say that it is one and unique !!! Both the painting and you are a boy.

Thank you
Keren & Yonatan – Raanana

Keren & Yonatan – Raanana

We love this painting! It is called the Big Bang. We purchased it from Ben Rotman to celebrate our marriage and new home. To us, this piece is about the creation of the universe out of chaos and beauty, and so we hung it above our marital bed. Ben is amazing to work with, and is an exceptional talent. As beautiful as this piece is in photographs, it’s even more vibrant and captivating live. Really a masterpiece! Signed,

Sharon Niv, Ph.D. San Francisco USA

Sharon Niv

Words from the heart:

We purchased the painting as part of the search for a central item to hang in the public space. We looked for a painting that makes you stop and feel and does not easily become part of the scenery in the house.

Ben’s painting “caught” us.

He did not just “talk” and not only “liked” but actually “caught”!
One moment in a rainy gray day symbolizing optimism that fits so well with our character and family motto, there is always color, there is always hope, always striving for the best.
The painting is by nature a freeze of time, but Ben’s style, abstract, dreamlike, flowing and moving and lively as a story that goes far beyond the frame.

Thank you Ben, and a wonderful and successful year.
Tami and Yuval Akhaus-Kfar Saba

Tami and Yuval Akhaus-Kfar Saba

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