Gilat and Danny Schhik

אוהבים להתבונן בציורך על קירותינו

Ben Rothman Dear Man
Choosing the amazing paintings was a fascinating and not easy process for me, due to the limitations of home dimensions and other constraints. Some pictures had to be selected, but how could all of the impressive treasure and rare beauty “fish” the most suitable? Every choice means giving up something else.
At the end of the deliberations, four paintings were selected that speak to me daily from the walls. I am not an art woman, beyond the artistic face of works, which is praised and admired by viewers, is my experience: enjoying the aesthetic sense, empowerment that images radiate, find deep meaning in what they transmit, and to my understanding, every folding painting within it, wraps the story of your life Consisting of different sections on the sequence of life.
The décor on the walls of the house commemorates experiences that convey sensitivity, heartbreak sadness that is curable, hopefully interwoven, expressing optimism and inner light. The paintings inspire me with animals, accompanied by a sense of power and capable of faith in the goodness of the images.
Beyond the above, it is pleasant to warm the heart to remember the artist – a person behind the work.
I will not forget how you showed patience to me as a person and a “not easy” customer: you managed to contain my “madness” and even agreed to re-paint. You have real listening ability. It was fascinating to discover the “story behind the painting” you told in the studio.
I met a person, salt of the earth, enlightening, “manch”, decent, honest and kind.

With gratitude and thanks
  Gilat (and Danny joins)

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