Oil Paintings

Ben Rotman’s work encompasses various disciplines, and specializes in oil painting. In his works, a striking dialogue takes place between realism and surrealism, which requires decoding and contemplation, and which is subject to the viewer’s own perspective. The paintings tell a personal story, and range between realist and more abstract styles.
His paintings present illustrations of different imaginative variations, which are expressed on canvas.
The works encompass different stages in the artist’s life, which cross borders and translate experiences and memories into a powerful, colorful ensemble. The artist is influenced and impressed by various characters and places, and his works include: figures and characters, female nudes, atmospheric paintings, city and urban paintings, nature, landscape, and animal paintings, and abstract styles.

The figurative images in the paintings create a dynamic and exciting world of contrasts, sensual, rhythmic, and musical, beyond recognition. One may notice that Rotman’s works are rooted in the central themes of animals, people, sensuality, and a love of humankind.
The oil paintings are created using expressive brushstrokes, which are soaked in oil paints on top of the canvas, in brilliant colors and with an impressive quality. They allow a wide diversity of painting styles, including abstract painting, realism, landscapes, figurative works, and atmospheric works. They evoke life’s wild essence and capture the changing seasons, weather, hours of the day, movement of animals, and human situations – perfectly preserving each and every moment.