Horse Paintings

The noble horse is known to have captured human imagination throughout history.
Over the years, archaeologists and researchers of the prehistoric era have discovered spectacular cave paintings created by the very earliest humans. These include paintings of horses.
Throughout history, horses have been immortalized in many revered artworks. Spectacular paintings of horses can be found throughout all eras – from the Greek and Roman period, through the Renaissance and up to the modern art and abstract periods.
Most of the painters who lived during the Renaissance period depicted horses in their work.

The most famous horse sketches from that period are signed by none other than Leonardo da Vinci, who would portray horses standing on their hind legs, presenting their heads and legs in precise and realistic proportions.
In modern times, horses can be found in many well-regarded, prestigious works of art. Great artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Monet would often include horses in their work.
Horses are a recurring motif in Ben Rotman’s animal paintings. Within a powerful whirlpool of colors, one can see noble, wild horses galloping forward. The horses are revealed from within layers of paint, rendered in ethereal outlines, and their postures convey a sense of floating movement. The paintings are formed from overlapping layers of transparent paint, creating unique colors that integrate with the horse images.
The horse paintings strive to capture these wild, magnificent galloping horses in one magical moment, and immortalize that moment for the viewer.