ציורי נוף ישראלי

Landscapes and nature paintings have always been among the best-loved genres throughout the history of art. Nature’s rich, complex beauty is expressed on canvas through the countless interpretations and emotions the artist wishes to convey.
The greatest painters devote their lives to painting and drawing landscapes, showing the purity of nature in all its diversity as they attempt to capture the infinite, profound beauty of creation.
Paintings of beautiful flowers, dense forests, rugged mountains, snow-covered landscapes, clear rivers and lakes, groves, fields, seas, and woods – these are only a tiny fraction of the wonders that artists have chosen to document in their abstract personal interpretations that range from fantasy to realism.
All of these remind us, from within our own enclosed worlds, of nature’s infinite power and the wonders of creation.

Ben Rotman is influenced by Israel’s natural world and diverse landscapes. Drawing on this unique geographical identity, he combines elements of fantasy and realism in his painting. Viewing these landscape paintings evokes a feeling of mystery. Landscapes that are not always clear and simply defined give free rein to viewers’ imaginations, so they can become truly absorbed in the paintings.
The nature paintings hold within them diverse, abundant meaning, depicting changing times and seasons through colors that are warm and cool, light and dark, transparent and opaque.
Rotman’s creations examine the essences and elements of nature. They are replete with nature’s treasures, bringing them directly into your home. Mesmerizing landscapes and still life paintings can be found among his works, depicting nature in all its beauty and complexity: Morning Mist, Life on the River, Burning Earth, Light in the Valley, Trees in the Wind, and dozens of other breathtaking artworks.