Animal Paintings

Paintings of animals are a delightful addition to any living room, bringing the captivating world of wildlife into one’s home.
Animal painting focuses on capturing an animal’s character, form, and vitality.
Ben Rotman is an artist specializing in animal painting and illustrations, paintings that are born of great effort and astonishing talent. His works include paintings of birds and mammals, wild horses, herds of elephants, raging bulls, and a whole variety of other wildlife.
Each of Ben Rotman’s paintings comprises central images of animals that the viewer can almost see, sense, and hear. Revealed through outlined layers of paint, the ethereal images seem to be suspended in captivating motion. The animals depicted are part of the background, but also stand out as distinct elements.

The works are constructed from transparent, overlapping paint layers to create a unique and colorful world of magical, exciting animals.
Gazing at the artwork for a prolonged period reveals the incredible animals hidden among the layers of color. The animals on the canvas are embedded within a unique texture that creates a new reality, expressing the “inner voice” of the painting and giving the impression that the animals are in constant movement.
The animal paintings are born out of the irresistible urge to give expression to and translate the artist’s feelings and inner rhythms, and are painted without planning or restrictions. The resulting paintings are uniquely textured, harmonious, and diverse, amazing the viewer and creating an exciting addition to one’s living environment.